Monday, April 1, 2013

Grimmist Update

Konrad: Every 1st of the month I will update the blog with the latest information on the band. 
We are releasing a 5 song demo titled "Grimmist Tales" this May through Satanic Frost Records. Here is the track list for the demo.

1. Intro/ Grimmist 
2. Souls of The Ancient Ones
3. In The Valley of Shadows
4. An Old Tree
5. The Grimmist Tale

Track five might or might not be an instrumental outro, its undecided at this moment. 
All tracks are recorded but we are currently working on recording the vocals for "Souls of the Ancient Ones" and "In The Valley of Shadows. Track 5 might have vocals. Silence worked on "An Old Tree" and did all the instruments and vocals as well as doing all the instruments for "Souls of The Ancient Ones". Myself worked on "In The Valley of Shadows", "Grimmist" and "The Grimmist Tale". I will be doing vocals for "Souls of the Ancient Ones". Sephiroth will be doing vocals for "In The Valley of Shadows". All lyrics have been written for this demo. Sephiroth has started writing lyrics for a new song called "Night Under The Blue Moon" Witch will be recorded for the next demo release if plans workout. 

Thank you for your time and be sure to Share our facebook fan page.

To All That Is and Will Ever Be "BLACK METAL" \,,/